How Much Will It Cost To Build a Garage On Your Property?

Garage Construction How Much Does It Cost?

For many Maryland homeowners adding a new garage onto their property whether attached, or a separate building entirely such as a detached shop is the answer to more secure, dry, storage space.  Another popular reason for adding a garage or shop to your property is the possibility to earn some additional income if you build a rentable suite into your plans.

It’s impossible for us to tell you what your garage is going to cost to build without an actual site visit but you can be prepared with a little more knowledge about how the process would unfold.

The cost to build your garage is generally calculated and estimated by the square footage of the building along with any of the additional extras you might require.  A good rough ballpark would be $50-$150 per square foot of construction.  We understand that’s a bit of a wide gap but at this point we really don’t know what your garage constuction plans are other than you are here researching them.

So for example, let’s say you’d like to build a 500 square foot double car garage on your property.  This would be a decent sized two car garage with a bit of room around the edges for shelving and storage.  If we calculate out a rough finished cost of say $65 per square foot to construct the building you are looking at roughly $32,500 to build your very basic, bare bones garage.  This is not absolute, this is just one scenario and it wouldn’t include additional items such as a live-in suite or special furnishings like high ceilings, or an automotive hoist, garage organization systems and finishes that are often used in shops and garages.

If you wanted a liveable space in your new shop or garage then the cost of construction might rise significantly and be more like $90 – $180 per square foot of finished space as you have more electrical, more plumbing and more building codes that need to be followed.

What Is Involved With Building Your Garage?

Are you building a garage from a kit or are you building a garage from scratch and to your specifications?  If you’re building a garage from a pre-fabricated package then you might wish you’d just built it yourself when you’re half-way through the project!  When you hire a construction contractor to build your garage you’ll have a lot more flexibility in how the garage is laid out and customized for your specific needs.

Foundation or Slab:  Before you can frame the building you’ll need a foundation to put it on.  The ground will need to be prepared and the concrete foundation professionally formed and poured.    Typically an excavator will need to be hired to prepare the ground for the foundation.  This contributes to the cost of your project.

Building Materials:  Once you have the basic dimensions of your garage then you can begin calculating material costs.  What type of walls would you like?  Do you want specific concrete flooring?  What type of electrical system and lighting?  Will there be heat?  Will there be a hoist installed?  What type of garage door system will you be using?  Working with a licensed contractor will make this whole process quite a bit easier as they’ll be able to present you with a very detailed list of materials that you need for each option you want to add into your new garage.

Labor and Building Costs:  A big chunk of the cost of building your garage will be the labor that is involved.  This is very tough to calculate without actually viewing your project but you can generally expect the labor to cost somewhere between 1.5 to 3 times the cost of your materials.  This again, depends on your situation and specific property.

Who Builds New Shops and Garages in Harford County, MD?

BC Improvements LLC is a general construction contractor based out of Darlington, Maryland.We specialize in all aspects of residential construction including the design, planning and construction of new garages and shops for Maryland homeowners.

If you’ve been thinking about building a shop or a garage onto your home or property then give BC Improvements LLC a call today.

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